A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach. Front Cover Bk1 V2 2016 09 14

Alex and Anna are looking forward to a day out at the beach.

While getting ready, Mummy and Daddy talk to them about the sun and the importance of protecting their skin and eyes against its harmful rays.
As soon as they arrive Alex and Anna find a lovely place for everyone to sit, including Auntie Lucy, Grandma and Grandpa and Mummy and Daddy’s neighbours with their son Rob, who have all joined them.
Alex, Anna and Rob then learn how to be safe on a beach while still having fun, although they see a man with terrible sunburn and a little girl that has got lost.
After a wonderful day playing on the sand and in the sea, Alex and Anna are about to leave when they notice some people leaving rubbish behind. They praise the lifeguard who catches them and makes them clear it up.
Read this story to find out how you too can have fun in the sun and protect yourselves as well as the beach.